How To Lose Weight With A Standing Desk

You have heard all the good things about using a standing desk and now you are wondering if it can possibly help you to lose some weight as well. 

You lose weight with a standing desk by having a balanced diet plan and incorporating some practical ways related to your standing desk’s functionality that I am going to share in this posting. What you are about to read can be summed up in that one sentence.

Whether you are interested in a regular full size standing desk or a standing desk converter, which sits on top of your existing desk, rest assured that both of them can help you to lose some weight. 🙂 Continue reading “How To Lose Weight With A Standing Desk”

Best Electric Standing Desk Converters 2022

[Updated on February 10th, 2022]

If you are reading this posting, you most likely already know what a standing desk converter is. If not, I invite you to check my prior article where I went into more details about a standing desk converter. This post is written exclusively for you who are looking for the best electric standing desk converters in 2022.

A desk converter is a great alternative to buying a full size standing desk, which often requires more installation and occupies more space. With a desk riser, you only need to use your existing desk and you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of using a standing desk.

I have noticed that more and more people prefer to buy the electric version than the manual one. You will be surprised to find out that the price is not that much different. In some cases there are manual standing desk converters that are more expensive than the electric version. It all depends on the brand, size, and features. Continue reading “Best Electric Standing Desk Converters 2022”